September 26, 2019

Beat the Clock: How to Meet Your Impossible Deadlines

We may enjoy doing our work, but when it is crunch time, we end up scrambling to produce our output. Our deadlines start to bear down on us and there is always a threat that we may not deliver on time. Here are 9 tips to meet your impossible deadlines.

  1. Communicate
    Clearly state the quality you will deliver in the given period of time. It is important to voice this out before both you and your client commit to each other. If this is done you will be able to take control of your timeline, work more efficiently, and deliver what you can and what the client needs by the deadline. By knowing the exact requirements of your job, you will be able to properly plot out the necessary steps you need to take, and the time you need to accomplish each step.

  2. Do Not Overcommit
    You will not deliver quality results if you promise too much at an unreasonable amount of time. It is crucial to know exactly what you are able to produce at the agreed period of time before you make your commitments.

  3. Make Schedules
    Track the progress you are supposed to make by scheduling key success factors and when they are supposed to happen in order to keep up with your deadline.

  4. Designate Adequate Time
    You will never accomplish all your work by the deadline if the allotted time is not realistic. Plot out the necessary time to produce your output before agreeing on a deadline. It is also important to carve the right amount of time out of your schedule to do the work.

  5. Put Buffers on Your Deadline
    Do not shoot for the deadline itself. Try cushioning it by aiming to finish the job before the deadline to make room for unpredictable outcomes and circumstances.

  6. Stay Focused
    Keep your attention on your work. Be sure to practice giving your undivided attention to the task at hand, no matter how difficult it may be- here are some tips you can try to help you stay focused(Insert link to the other blog post).

  7. Do One Task at a Time
    Zero in on the work with a pressing deadline. By focusing all your attention on one task, you will be able to give your total effort on your work. Multitasking might seem like a good idea when you’re pressed with time but sacrificing the quality of your work isn’t a good option when it comes to maintaining a solid work standard.

  8. Do Not Welcome New Projects You Cannot Work on
    When faced with an impossible deadline, stay focused and do not accept any new projects. Tempting as it may be, it could sacrifice the quality of your output and even your ability to produce your work in time.

  9. Get Adequate Rest
    Recharge your mind and body. If you do not, you could be wasting your time by working when you are tired and bunt out. Being rested allows you to work optimally.

Deadlines are a part of the job, but they do not need to weigh you down as you deliver your best work. Do not let the pressure get to you. Use these 9 tips to guide you the next time you try to beat the clock.