May 21, 2019

Clock In: Promoting Diverse Workspaces Across the Country

Clock In is the brainchild of Ayala Land Offices that launched in 2017. Since then Clock In has grown their operations from the pilot site located at the Penthouse of Makati Stock Exchange to the 6th Floor of Vertis North Corporate Center, and now at the 22nd floor of the 30th Corporate Center.

More than a swing space and not just a regular co-working space, Clock In’s foundation is rooted in flexibility and comfort while providing opportunities for growth. As promoters of innovation and creativity, we know how valuable having a diverse workspace is to help bring out the best in people because they understand how the space impacts not just productivity but also communication and fostering innovation.

We grow our community through value enriched workshops in an environment that promotes productivity and engagement. Our community managers are our superheroes that don’t just help you manage your business but also actively pursue the creation of fun and engaging events that strives to break down the proverbial walls of the four corners of an office suite- we don’t stand for awkward moments; we build lasting relationships.

On the growth side, we encourage collaboration with our clients and partners to showcase their business through proactive learning events using Clock In as a venue for this.

To know more about us and what we do, you can contact us through our website and reach out to our Facebook page.