July 09, 2019


If only being successful was as easy as signing up for a class and passing an exam then no one would have to be tied to their jobs and suffer the mundane and tedious 9 to 5 work day.

No one said working would be easy - no matter what work it is it will ultimately be highly laborious. The only thing separating the people who succeed and those who don’t is how they utilize the 24 hours in a day and how they spend 365 days in a year. Check out these simple things that successful people do after work:

Mindful learning

Being fully present when you’re learning is harder than it sounds because it requires stepping outside of autopilot and fully immersing yourself into the present moment learning. It is important to approach learning with a mindset of being dedicated in that point of time into focusing your attention to what is being served in front of you, learning without having any preconceived notions and getting rid of distractions in order to be present and engaged.

Whether it’s attending a workshop, listening to a podcast and reading, mindful learning is exciting because you learn what will interest you the most and that’s the best kind of learning there is.

Love What You Do

Your work is undoubtedly a large part of your life and in order to be fully committed to delivering the best results and do great work is by doing what you love. Satisfaction comes when you go beyond the standardized level of effort and extend yourself to do more for the sake of being better than average.

Work will never be just work for as long as you know that your time is being invested to something that you love to do. It’s alright if you don’t adore your day job but remember that at the end of the day your time is yours to do what you want.

Pay Yourself Back

All work and no play makes one an easy target for the dreaded burn out and the progress that you’ve painstakingly worked hard to maintain is pushed back because of this. You need to realize how important self-care is and that you have substantial limitations that you shouldn’t push. If you work hard and show up for work to give your best then you have all the more reason to kick back and relax.

Schedule a day of rest at the spa, chill at home with a good show on Netflix, go to the gym, and spend time with the people that bring you joy - you deserve it.

Reflect On Your Best Effort

If you yourself know that you’ve given it all you got then that itself is enough, understand the value of your time and effort even if people don’t always acknowledge it. Don’t crave for recognition because chances are you won’t always get it and that normal.

Successful people know that even if the world doesn’t praise them it’s not any indication that the work they do is not relevant because they’ve done all that they can and it is something to be proud off.

Don’t Give Up

Nobody ever got anywhere by throwing in the towel too early and so easily. Persistence is built through overcoming great difficulty and pushing past all the emotional turmoil and physical stress. Character is born through challenges that you don’t wish for but will go through. Successful people know that even if they go through all the toughest hurdles and tightest deadlines in their work the lessons and experiences that they get out from it will make them better and stronger.

Mindset is what successful people build and it’s something that money cannot buy.