February 15, 2022

How To Thrive in a Hybrid Work Set-Up

The past two years have changed the way many of us view and do work. While it used to be common to commute to work five days a week, now it’s just a quick few steps to your table for your Zoom meeting.

The hybrid work model – a set-up that provides employees with flexibility by allowing them to work from various locations (e.g. office, home, café, etc.) – will undoubtedly continue moving forward. In fact, a good number of employers in the Philippines are eyeing ‘a mix of work-from-home and on-site operations’ this year.

So now, the question is: how ready are YOU?

Don’t worry though, because remote work is not new to us. So we compiled some tips to help you thrive in a hybrid work environment. Read through them below!

1. Manage your schedule with the right routines.

Take control of your day by establishing a routine. It can be as simple as deciding what time to clock in and clock out, when to take breaks and have your meals, and — the most important part — sticking with it!
For example, you can start work hours by reviewing your to-do and prioritizing your tasks. Don’t forget to reward yourself in between, too! And if you have meetings, make sure to give a heads up to the members of your household so they can give you some privacy.
It won’t hurt to remind your colleagues that you’d be unreachable after work hours, so you can properly unwind and rest. This will motivate you to finish all your tasks on time, too.

2. Brush up on your digital skills.

Research has shown that digitally fluent folks are happier with a hybrid environment. ‘Digitally fluent’ means you’re familiar with digital tools, and you’re also able to choose the best one to achieve maximum results.
This means going beyond your competency in MS Office applications. Take it a step further by watching YouTube tutorials or reading up on the latest tech news. You’ll thank yourself once you know how to troubleshoot a blue screen. If you want to kick things up a notch, why not learn code, too?

3. Replicate your office set-up.

A corner home office (even though it’s just a small area in your living room) will signal your brain that it’s time for work. Plus it looks better during Zoom video calls!
A space that gets natural daylight is ideal. Make sure your laptop or computer is within eye level for maximum comfort. Keep accessories such as headphones, chargers, pens, Post-it pads, and your coffee mug within reach. You can invest in an ergonomic chair (and maybe a foot hammock, too) to keep your back straight and relaxed.

4. Store everything on the Cloud.

As your team goes back and forth between home and office, you want all your documents to remain accessible even when your laptop bogs down (hopefully it doesn’t, though!). Cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive) will save you from stressing out over this unfortunate situation.
Using cloud-based services (e.g. Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365, Slack) is also more practical for collaboration. Each team member can easily add, edit, or move files and everyone on the list will be notified of the changes. Projects can be updated in real-time, as well. It’s definitely a game-changer, whether you have local or international clients.

5. Get social!

Introvert or not, friends can make even our worst days more bearable. Remember the times you and a coworker would look at each other and instantly burst out laughing? Or how about just going over to their table… for no reason at all? We’ve all done that, and we know you miss it just as much as we do!

While remote work allows us to get the job done, nothing can quite beat having your team around physically — or even just having other people keeping you company while you work! If you’re one of those people who enjoys working at cafes, then you know what we’re talking about.

If you need a place with the office + cafe vibes, then you might want to consider coworking spaces. They are easily accessible (as most of them are in prime locations), comfortable (plush chairs, clean rooms, air-conditioned), and conducive for work (unlimited and high-speed Wi-Fi!). They’re a safe and fun alternative workspace for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even small teams.

Clock In by Ayala Land Offices ticks all these boxes, and more. We offer state-of-the-art workspaces and amenities around the Metro – in Makati, Quezon City, Pasig, and Alabang, just to name a few! You and your coworkers will enjoy exchanging ideas in our ultra-modern meeting rooms. For those who prefer a work areag with more privacy, you can book your own private office suite, too. With safe and convenient spaces, you’ll surely find yourself wanting to clock in every day!

It’s time to rethink the way we work. The hybrid environment can help you be more productive – and we’re here to help you #GetThingsDoneBetter!

Message us at @clockin_ph to get in touch with one of our Community Managers!