August 17, 2020

Returning To Your Workspace Safely

With Metro Manila back to general community quarantine (GCQ) for the second half of August, more and more people are able to work outside their homes again. If not in their original offices, you’ll find them working in other places like coffee shops or coworking spaces. Since the COVID-19 pandemic brought about new work trends, returning to these workspaces will require some preparation as well as new practices.

Before returning to your workspace

For those who are still working from home, you can start preparing your return to your workspace by shaking off some habits formed from months of isolation.

1) Readjust your body clock

Working from home has significantly relaxed our time constraints, allowing us to wake up later than usual. But our return to our workspaces will mean the return of early morning commutes.

To avoid the intense grogginess that comes with the sudden shift in schedules, it’s wise to start retraining your body to wake up at an earlier time. Here are some tips that Healthline recommends for resetting your sleep schedule:

-Avoid naps during the day. If you must, take your nap before 3PM and aim for less than 30 minutes.
-Keep yourself awake in the morning by exposing yourself to sunlight.
-Create a relaxing bedtime routine that works for you. This can involve meditation, journaling, or reading a book. Anything that works for you.
-Encourage drowsiness by lessening your exposure to light. Yes, this includes your laptop and phone screens!

2) Regain your energy levels

Traveling to and from your workspace will take a lot of energy. Your body will need to regain its former strength, especially if you’ve spent most of your lockdown time sitting or lying down.

But don’t be intimidated if you’ve been stagnant for so long. It’s okay to ease into exercise and set realistic goals for yourself, no matter how modest. You’ll find that it’s easier and more fun to adopt the habit this way.

Even for those who aren’t returning to their workspaces, the World Health Organization cannot overstate the importance of exercise in the time of coronavirus. Not only does exercise reduce physical ailments, it also lowers the risk of depression and cognitive decline. In such an uncertain climate where adaptability is key, it pays to have a sound mind and a sound body.

3) Re-establish the lines between work and play

Working from home may have blurred the lines between work time and personal time, especially if you were new to the arrangement when the lockdown began. Setting clear transitions will help keep your mind from wandering when you return to your workspace. Re-establishing discipline and proper time management will assure a more productive time at work.

To further your adjustment to office mode, dressing the part will help ease you back into your old routines. What you wear while working from home may seem unnecessary, but it can actually set the tone of the day. One study has shown that wearing the appropriate clothes for your task can improve the way you work and enhance your level of productivity.


Returning to your workspace

Workspaces in post-lockdown will be heavily influenced by more health conscious practices. Keep in mind these tips to protect yourself and those around you.

1) Make sure your reasons to go out are valid

With the highest single-day rise in new infections at 6,958 cases, the curve of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines is nowhere near flattening. At this point, it is of utmost importance to discern the urgency of leaving your home as this can put you and your family at great risk.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention made a list of questions to consider before going out. If you’ve made up your mind about leaving home, make sure to wear your protective face mask and bring a hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol.

2) Manage your time and health

The GCQ was good news for those sick of cabin fever and in need of time away from home’s distractions. People are now able to find places better suited for their working needs.

But once you've arrived at your workspace, make sure you do the things you’ve set out to do. Come into work with a schedule of your day to keep yourself productive and on track. The earlier you finish your tasks, the quicker you can head back to the safety of your home.

For tips on time management, you can check our articles on working smarter, staying focused, and meeting impossible deadlines.

3) Maintain cleanliness

Don’t rely everything on the cleaning staff; everyone has to do their part in keeping their areas sanitized.

Observe and respect the safety health guidelines set by establishments. If you’re working with us here at Clock In by Ayala Land Offices, always remember to #ClockInSafely with the following practices:

-Sanitize your hands before touching the biometrics and door knobs.
-Wear your face mask.
-Bring your own utensils, food, and drinking water.
-Refrain from using the kitchen appliances like the microwave oven, water dispenser, refrigerator, and coffee maker (for the meantime).
-Remember to stay six feet apart from each other.
-Accept food or parcel delivery outside the facility and disinfect the packages before coming back in.
-Observe the new operating hours of 8 AM–5PM.

Clock In’s coworking areas and meeting rooms are ready and available for you. With unlimited high-speed internet and careful safety measures, we guarantee an efficient environment that will help get you back on your groove. Reach out to us and let us know what you need!