September 04, 2020

The Importance of Coworking Spaces Post-Pandemic

Coworking spaces have represented the growing dynamism characteristic to the 21st-century workforce. Since their introduction in 2005, they revolutionized how we work, offering a "third way" between the traditional office space and the freelancer’s home-based setup. By 2012, there were over 2,000 coworking spaces in the world, "cementing their power as a global trend."

In a Harvard Business Review (HBR article), Nickelodeon’s former Executive Vice President and Worldwide Creative Director, Anne Kreamer, explains how the appeal of coworking spaces is owed to their conduciveness to playful innovation, brought about by a flexible and collaborative environment. In another HBR article, researchers have noted how coworking spaces helped people find a sense of control, community, and meaning in their work.

With all these positive trends, it seemed like coworking spaces would continue paving the future of work.

The Coworking Question

What place do coworking spaces have in the time of COVID-19?

According to a report by CBRE: “Long-term fundamentals will remain sound. All the things we love about coworking spaces will continue to benefit its users.”

It all goes back to their three distinctions:

1) Flexibility

The flexible nature of coworking spaces make them a top-of-mind solution for start-ups and small businesses to have an office environment to go to. With the growing telework culture today, coworking spaces are seen to play a “key role” as they allow employers to freely strategize with the many flexible options offered to them.

In a conversation with Fortune 100 occupiers, CBRE notes that business owners will include flexible spaces as part of their post-pandemic risk mitigation strategy. Coworking spaces are predicted to receive "greater acceptance” from employees of varied working styles and locations, suggesting that the coworking industry will come out of this crisis stronger than ever.

2) Productivity

Dane Stangler, Senior Advisor at the Global Entrepreneurship Network, speculates that, after months of lockdown, “millions of people will be eager to work from somewhere else, anywhere else.” Many of us were not prepared to work-from-home, and its challenges have taught us the value of a productive workspace.

Coworking spaces will prove to be great options for remote work, assuring companies that their workers are in conducive environments and far away from the distractions of home. The accessibility and fluidity of coworking spaces will also satisfy those seeking to regain their work-life balance.

3) Community

Strangler concludes his article by stressing the importance of the community’s role in recovery. “Entrepreneurs, business owners, and workers will need social networks and local connections more than ever to regain their footing . . . Community strength will be essential in helping people re-connect, build new networks, and support each other.”

Coworking spaces offer more than an office solution to get your work done. It’s a place where the community can empower each other to move forward through and beyond today’s limitations and uncertainties.

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