August 27, 2020

What To Expect In The Post-Lockdown Workspace?

When the government eased Metro Manila’s quarantine restrictions last June, many offices and industries were allowed to reopen. Despite this chance to resume former work routines, things were far from normal. A number of trends have significantly affected the way we do business.

As we return to general community quarantine for the second half of August, we’ll continue seeing the following trends shape our workspace:

1) Sanitation and Hygiene

Reports of COVID-19 cases spiking after the reopening of establishments warn us that the pandemic is far from over. Many Filipinos—workers and customers alike—will only enter workspaces if they are safe and clean.

This makes health the main priority of establishments post-lockdown. Businesses will be more than willing to cooperate with the guidelines provided by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Department of Labor Employment (DOLE). This includes the regular sanitization of facilities, proper air ventilation, more accessible soap and disinfectants, and close monitoring of temperature and symptoms of employees.

With business operations and revenue streams heavily dependent on sanitation and hygiene, “Health is Wealth” will adopt a whole new meaning.

2) Telework

Despite lockdown restrictions easing further, many teams will still choose to meet using online platforms rather than in person. In response to the threat to health and safety today, telework helps companies manage the health risks and prevent the spread of virus in the workplace while ensuring business continuity.

People will rely on project management tools like Asana or Trello to synchronize with teammates as more businesses move their operations online. Going digital will be the most sustainable way to navigate through this time of economic uncertainty.

3) Cashless Transactions

Despite the little evidence that cash can transmit the virus, people are not taking any chances. The pandemic has sped China’s transition into a cashless society, and many others will follow suit.

During the lockdown, Filipinos were made to embrace digital storefronts, as well as local online gateways like GCash and PayMongo. But even as lockdown is lifted, the sudden rise of online payments will see no signs of slowing down. Since the announcement of last June’s GCQ, Grab had shifted to cashless transactions as part of their security protocol. We’re expecting more direct services to do the same.

Dan Schulman, the CEO of PayPal (whose customers had doubled during the pandemic), anticipates that cashless trends will persist even after the virus subsides. "We're not going to go backwards to what was. We're not going to be using cash nearly as much."

4) Flexible Spaces

Until the pandemic ends, there is no guessing when another lockdown will leave businesses to re-think their need for a workspace.

In the era of physical distancing, coworking spaces might sound counterintuitive. But with proper regulations and safety measures, they can be a sustainable solution to the economic challenges of the new normal.

Short-term leasing options of coworking spaces are ideal in this uncertain climate as they are not only cost-effective, but also flexible with when you can rent a workspace. Coworking spaces will play a “key role” in the growing telework culture, hosting relocated remote workers and allowing companies to freely strategize without any “hefty upfront investments.”

Coworking spaces also prove to be productive options for remote work as they assure companies that their workers are in conducive environments, far away from the distractions of home.

Clock In from Anywhere!

As we face all these new work trends, it is crucial to seek flexible solutions.

Here at Ayala Land Offices’ Clock In, we are preparing everything that can help you get back on your feet. With unlimited high-speed internet and careful safety measures that remind tenants to #ClockInSafely, we guarantee an efficient environment that will allow game changers and freethinkers to bounce back from the economic effects of COVID-19.

Clock In has several locations in the different parts of the Metro. These strategically placed branches are convenient for anyone who wants to work or hold meetings closer to their areas, and for those affected by our current traffic situation. For companies relocating their employees, you can have them work in the nearest Clock In branch, where they are safe, productive, and reachable through reliable internet.

We are all partners in this crisis. Let us know what you need; we can make these arrangements for your business possible.