June 19, 2019

Why Customer Service Is The New Marketing

Customer service has transitioned into more than just answering calls. These days, being present to cater to the customer’s problem by providing real-time solution is as important as creating genuine value to delight the customers and cultivate an engaging brand for the business.

A company who goes above and beyond to show customers their appreciation means that every action is well thought of and handled seamlessly – this is marketing at its finest.

Customers as Partners

More businesses are discovering that by treating customers as equal partners in business they can transform customer service into a new form of marketing that engages customers as collaborators. This is a viable strategy for generating favorable commentary and eliciting a response about your business- virality is key to word-of-mouth marketing which provides an invaluable impact to your brand.

The Wow Factor

Getting a “Wow” from a customer is the equivalent to winning the lottery for a business.It’s by having this kind of customer experience that shows your effectively bringing delight to your customers which in return positively impacts your business.
An example is Netflix, the streaming giant collects data from its customers to create hyper-personalized recommendations to help customers discover new shows that are aligned with their interests. Netflix puts a premium on understanding its customers and puts them first by building their knowledge on how they can best provide entertainment.

Top-Notch Customer Service is a Benefit

Excellent customer service is exactly what businesses need to turn a customer into a loyal brand supporter. Today’s customers know how important it is to be assured of a quality customer experience, which can make or break their relationship with a company.